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Scalp Analysis and Treatment

If you’ve ever had dandruff, you know what it’s like to be all too aware of your scalp. Most of the time it gets ignored, but the health of your scalp can have a big impact on the appearance of your hair. At Occhi Lash & Brow Studio’s Hair Institute, your scalp is our first priority. Our goal isn’t just to cover up hair loss, but to resolve it. That takes careful, microscopic analysis of your scalp, along with consistent monitoring over the course of your treatment.

You Can’t Solve Scalp Problems by Focusing on Hair

The way we think about hair almost always has something to do with style. For most women, the scalp just needs to be covered up or strategically exposed by hair. Advertising helps to keep the focus on the actual hair instead of everything that affects it. Unfortunately, a hair problem is usually a symptom, not the underlying source of the problem. The solution very often lies under the hair — literally — in the scalp.

Scalp Disorders

Psoriasis – This may be found on any part of the body including the scalp. Patches vary in thickness of scaling and may involve steroid creams, injections, oral steroids or other medications prescribed by your Dermatologist. Psoriasis will benefit by treatment that cleans and heals the scalp thru stimulation, hydration and anti-inflammatory, calming treatment.

Seborrheic Dermatitis – Also know as cradle cap in infants. Very common skin condition that primarily affects your scalp. It creates scaly, red, itchy rash like symptoms on your scalp that has flaky scales of dandruff. It can affect the oily areas of the body the most like the head, face, chest and back. It doesn’t affect your overall health, it is not contagious and isn’t usually a long term condition. Often has flare ups. Can benefit from treatment to excise and clean the scalp, hydrate and stimulate while calming overall inflammation.

Pityriasis Capitis – Dandruff – Is a non -inflammatory scalp condition of excessive flaking of dead skin that forms on the scalp, eyebrows, forehead and elsewhere on the body. Can be linked to stress, oily scalp, hormones, yeast growth, and immune system issues. Sometimes this condition clears up on its own. Can benefit from treatment of the scalp to balance, hydrate, nourish and stimulate as a way of stabilizing the scalp skin.

Pruritus – Itch – An unpleasant sensation of the skin that gives someone the urge to scratch. Can be a sign of something systemic.

A Good Foundation

Starting with your visit to Occhi Hair Institute, we’ll talk to you about your scalp. The first step is to receive a hair and scalp analysis called a Trichotest. This test gets to the root of the problem and determines what steps can be taken. We’ll measure the conditions in your scalp during that first consultation, and then we’ll monitor those same conditions throughout your treatment. Any time that we find a problem, we will bring it to your attention and suggest some options to improve your scalp and hair growth.

Let’s Build From There

You can see why scalp health and conditioning are very important in women’s hair loss. In some cases, debris and residue from products can even clog the follicles and prevent new growth from breaking through. By nourishing your scalp and keeping it free of impurities, we can create the ideal conditions for hair to grow. Depending on the cause of your thinning hair, we might recommend a DHT blocker or low level light hair therapy. It might seem like we’re paying a lot of attention to your scalp, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing. The results of any hair restoration treatment or hair loss prevention program can work better if we improve the health of the scalp.

Together We Can Succeed!

There’s not a lot you can do to improve your hair loss if you’ve never had a consultation. But once we’ve created your own personalized plan of attack, you can take action every day. Some of the treatments available for your scalp come in take-home versions. If you have the type of hair loss that responds well, you can use cleansers and conditioners, topical DHT blockers, or even a hand-held laser to support your scalp every day!

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