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I love to work out but I hate sweating with make-up on. My lashes allow me to go without a stitch of make-up and yet still look put together. Lynn’s skill, creativity and expertise make my lashes look natural or dramatic, depending on my preference and her suggestions. Using the VOLUME Lash technique Lynn makes my lashes feel light as a feather…. I can barely tell they are on. Unlike mascara, I don’t have to worry about taking them off at night. I can easily sleep in them, using the Occhi’ Customized pillow. It’s easy to see that Lynn is recognized as one of the best-kept secrets in the Eyelash Extensions industry.

Gabriela C

As I’m getting older, my eyelashes and brows are thinning. I’ve used fake lashes off and on for years and they’re difficult to apply and keep on, and besides, I don’t like using them every day. With Lynn’s help, I’ve found the perfect permanent lash volume and brow thickness. Now I feel beautiful, youthful and confident!

Denise H

Occhi Lash and Brow Studio is top notch! Lynn is a professional and perfection is her middle name. The studio itself is beautiful and the staff are very professional and welcoming. I have been going to Lynn for almost a year now for brow shaping and tinting. However, my brows are thinning with age and because of Hypothyroidism. I talked with Lynn about this cool technique called microblading. I decided to give it a try. I LOVE my new brows! They look amazing and unbelievably natural! Lynn really spent a lot of time with me to get the most flattering shape and thickness of my brows. I can now leave my house without “putting my eyebrows on”! I have received so many compliments on my brows. I highly recommend Occhi! Occhi Lash and Brow Studio gets 5 stars!!

Pam M

I can’t believe how simple my make up process has become since I’ve started using Occhi Lash and Brow services. I don’t usually use very much make up, and my new lashes have simplified my beauty process even more. I don’t have to worry about putting on mascara in the mornings because my eyelashes look gorgeous on their own!

Lara P

I LOVE my eyelash extensions!!! Two years ago as I turned 68 I knew I needed a “lift” and brighter eyes framed by rich full lashes were the answer! Katie is amazing, the salon is immaculate and Lynn and her staff are wonderful to work with…I am so happy with Occhi!