" Enjoyed the personal; made learning so easy. Class size was perfect & the trainer, Katie, was super sweet and very knowledgeable. She was great at constructive criticism. Class was awesome!!!"

Janette Villacis, Illinois, October 2017, Beginning Lash Class

" I loved the atmosphere, the venue is beautiful, instructor very knowledgeable and excited about the topic...lots of hands on experience and training....very high quality products....Lynn was very helpful with important tips to improve our work. Loved it all!!!"

Joanna Jablecka, Illinois, October 2017, Beginning Lash Class

" I feel confident that, with time and practice of the information given in the class I will be able to provide my local area Great Lashes!"

La Tonya Hill, Ohio, October 2017, Beginning Lash Class

" The Microblading Class exceeded my expectations. I looked into other classes and I am so happy I chose Occhi'. Lynn, Tommy and Christine were all so helpful. I really enjoyed the entire experience and believe I'm ready to begin this new part of my career."

Joy Robles, Illinois, August 2017, Microblading Class

" The Class was so much more than I expected. Instructors were extremely knowledgeable and felt like family. Lynn and Christine were so patient with everyone. I would recommend highly and looking forward to taking more classes."

Cindy Kircher, Illinois, August 2017, Microblading Class

" Lynn & Christine were 2 of the Most knowledgeable and helpful trainers/teachers i have ever had! I felt like I got the most out of my experience at Occhi' !"

Rebecca McNichol, Illinois, August 2017, Microblading Class

" Occhi' Institute was a fantastic training course. The instructors are friendly, very knowledgeable and guide you every step of the way, from technique, product knowledge to marketing...all questions were answered."

Kymberly Galligan, Iowa, August 2017, Microblading Class

" The best thing I can say is I would definitely come back for more training and I am so glad I chose Occhi for my Microblading training. They are very personable, thorough, knowledgeable and the small classes gave me a lot of personal attention. Thank You to Lynn, Christine & Tommy."

Glenna Ford, Kentucky, August 2017, Microblading Class

" Absolutely loved the class. I will take other classes in the future. The assistance I got with my model was extremely beneficial! THANK YOU!!"

Sarah Blue, Illinois, June 2017, Microblading Class

"It was all Great! Lynn and Christine at Occhi Institute are so knowledgeable and patient that it made the class fun and exciting. I learned so much and can't thank them enough!"

Gretchen Tuntland, Illinois, June 2017, Microblading

This is a great Institute for learning  and I highly recommend it to others. I am coming back for Volume Training and also Micro Blading. Thank You for your attention to detail.

Manoj Jakhar, Illinois, May 2017, Beginning Lash Class

I thought the class was very informative. The Occhi' Institute is a very friendly and detailed environment. Katie, our instructor, made the class fun and easy to understand. Great place to start your lashing career! I highly recommend.

Cathy Ducato, Illinois, April 2017, Beginning Lash

I found this class to be informative and extremely professional. I am very happy with my decision to train with The Occhi' Institute and look forward to a successful career in microblading.

Tessa Marie Ambriz, California, March 2017, Microblading

Extremely well trained in this class. The foundation of the microblading class is setting me up for success. Hand-over-hand training was Ideal and necessary for microblading.

Andrea Arndt, Wisconsin, March 2017, Microblading

My experience in the Beginning Eyelash Class was exceptional! I am beyond impressed by my instructor who knew her material, communicated very wee, taught by example and was very passionate.

Indra Michel, Illinois, February 2017, Beginning Lash

" By far the finest training I have ever received. Lynn and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and explain everything in great detail. Lots of personal attention. I am ready to begin my Micro blading career."

Cathy Jeffries, Iowa, January 2017, Microblading Class

"Trainers were Great! Informative and educated. Glad I chose this class."

Molly Burke, Illinois, November 2016, Beginning Lash

"I loved this class....I am for sure taking ALL classes. The instructors were amazing!"

Sabrina Arriaga, Illinois, November 2016, Beginning Lash

" I thought the instructors did an amazing job explaining and teaching so that I stayed on track and understood each step. They were very informative and shared a wealth of information from application, safety, pricing and marketing, as well as techniques."

Michelle Blazek, Illinois, October 2016, Beginning Lash

Alfredo and Lynn were thorough, precise, attentive to all. Perfect! Very enjoyable. Great facility. Thank You!!

Patricia Johns, Iowa, October 2016, Microblading

One of the best classes I've ever taken! Thank You.

Karen Korol, Illinois, October 2016, Microblading

I honestly thought is was FLAWLESS! Beyond my expectations. Everything I need to be set up for success in a demanding and competitive market. Thank You...Thank You!

Honour Hook, Ohio, October 2016, Microblading

This was an amazing experience! The 1st day I found myself second guessing choosing to take the class. By day 3 I felt more confident and that was amazing to me. I would take another class here, anytime.

Kelly Labossiere, Georgia, October 2016, Microblading

I travel over 4 hours to attend training/ certifications at the Occhi' Institute. There is Nothing comparable in my area or anywhere...They are the BEST I've found.

Annette Daniels, Michigan, October 2016, Microblading

This was the most informative class I have taken! Lynn was absolutely amazing and so patient with me. She holds a wealth of information and experience that I can't wait to tap into with other classes. I truly feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about what I'm doing and already have family and friends lined up to have their brows shaped to perfection using the method I learned today! Thanks again and I will definitely be in touch.

Denise Gray, Illinois, September 2016, Hi Brow

I just wanted to let Tommy, Lynn, Katie and Shelly know what a pleasant experience I had at Occhi Lash and Brow Volume class on September 12 & 13 2016.  From the initial phone conversation to the final day of training, all staff members were easy to talk with and very informative. The training was wonderful, every staff member knew the answers to every question asked as well as knowledge of placing of the lashes of 1 single lash to 6-8 lashes.  I would recommend Occhi Lash and Brow to anyone wishing to learn technique, product, placement of Eyelash extensions etc.   Little tips that make the job easier (that Ah Ha moment when shown an easy way to pick multiple lashes thanks Lynn ). Thanks for the great experience.

Donna Haven, Kentucky, September 2016, Volume Lash

This class was excellent and great for beginners to gain a foundation to build a career. I’ve taken many classes before and they were nothing compared to Lynn’s class!!

Jane Fisher, Indiana, August 2016, Beginning Lash & Microblading

Lynn is an amazing instructor!! She went above and beyond to help me learn. Loved the training and plan to return and do another class.

Kendall Perkins, Missouri, August, 2016, Brow Perfect

The Training was intense and well worth the price. My instructors ( Lynn & Katie) were knowledgeable and constantly encouraged me and were very supportive.The Training was intense and well worth the price. My instructors ( Lynn & Katie) were knowledgeable and constantly encouraged me and were very supportive

Patricia Fields, Illinois, May 2016, Beginning Lash

This is a great place to learn lashing from Lynn and her staff. The experience was great and I’m leaving with their support in the future….and I know I need to practice…Loved it!!

Tennille Massie, Illinois, May 2016, Beginning Lash

It was a very good experience and I learned a lot. The Instructors were very helpful. They both took the time to explain things and I love that they encourage me to come back for any help I may need.

Araceli Perez, Illinois, May 2016, Beginning Lash

Literally nothing could have been improved!!! Everything was Perfect!! I absolutely loved my training course at Occhi’. Tommy, Lynn, Katie and Shelly were so helpful, knowledgeable and kind. I HIGHLY recommend training at Occhi.

Lauren Barrile, Illinois, April 2016, Volume Lash

The Staff and the training at The Occhi’ Institute were absolutely amazing. I’ve attended several other lash training’s and this was by far the best. The hands-on experience was my favorite part.

Annette Daniels, Michigan, April 2016, Volume Lash & Hi Brow

I felt the class would be overwhelming and was surprised by how much material was covered in such an amazing amount of time.

Katherine Chmielewski, Illinois, April 2016, Volume Lash

Excellent Training! Knowledgeable instructors who made me feel very comfortable.

Jill Holt, Ohio, March 2016, Brow Perfect

I honestly thought the execution was flawless!! Exceeded my expectations completely. Money WELL spent. I really believe with practice I can be very successful using what was taught to me.

Brittny Smith, Illinois, March 2016, Beginning Lash & Hi Brow

I really can’t say I would change anything. The class was very informative and it was extremely beneficial to have a FULL DAY of working on models and getting that experience under the watchful eyes of the instructors.

Michelle Becker, Illinois, March 2016

Having never been to the Chicago area before, finding a class that would meet all my needs ( great hands on instruction, marketing, retailing and most importantly Hands on work on models) was difficult….until I discovered Occhi. Lynn is so knowledgeable, talented and truly a Master of her craft. Tommy and Lynn were both so welcoming and extremely down to earth. They made the experience very easy for me being from out of state. Great staff…so impressed.

Noelle McCann, Nebraska, March 2016, Beginning Lash

It was perfect! I love the trainers as they were very helpful and knowledgeable. I will recommend to my co workers for any training they may need. I look forward to doing the Advanced and Volume classes.

Madhu Bhanot, Illinois, March 2016, Beginning Lash

This class was Amazing!! I learned so much more in this class than I learned in prior class I took elsewhere…I feel so much more confident and look forward to taking the Volume class soon.

Bianca Armstrong, Illinois, February 2016, Beginning Lash

I learned so much taking this class. Lynn and Katie are very knowledgeable and the information given was thorough and made easy to understand, yet effective in the process of eyelash extensions. I felt comfortable and enjoyed every bit of the class. Looking forward to taking the Volume Lash training at Occhi.

Christine Slankard, Illinois, January 2016, Beginning Lash

I strongly recommend choosing The Occhi’ Institute for your lash and brow training. There are no other companies that are capable of giving you the level of knowledge and expertise as Lynn and her staff have.

Laura Holtsclaw, Tennessee, October 2015

Absolutely the best “hands-on class!” Lynn’s instruction and knowledge were graciously and professionally shared. She holds nothing back! The Occhi Institute is professional, clean and has everything needed to learn comfortably. Small class sizes allow for individual one-on-one time with Lynn. I highly recommend this class to learn Occhi’s amazing techniques. Your clients will thank you.

Karen Edwards, Texas, August 2015, Brow Perfect

I would absolutely recommend this training to anyone wanting to grow in the field and master a skill that is becoming increasingly demanding. The curriculum was terrific and one-to-one attention helped immensely.

Stormey Kimmons, Tennessee, July 2015, Beginning Lash & Brow Perfect

Occhi’ Institute is amazing!! Lynn is an incredible trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable and easily conveys that knowledge to her students. You can really sense that she cares about helping her students produce great work and being success. Love it all! Can’t wait to go back for Advanced and Volume training.

Arielle Coleman, Illinois, July 2015, Beginning Lash & Brow Perfect

This Volume Lash training has changed my life!! Lynn is an amazing instructor.

Melissa Johnson, Illinois, June 2015, Volume Lash

The training was FAR more hands-on then I expected. I did 3 full sets of lashes in two days! Live models and learned great techniques from Lynn’s instruction.

Joanna Guerreo, Illinois, June 2015, Beginning Lash

I thought the training was very informative. The range of brow models and how to work with each one was great! I’m so excited to start this service on my clients. Thanks for all your knowledge, Lynn. Your teaching style was terrific!

Bianca Archuletta, Colorado, May 2015, Brow Perfect

Lynn was wonderful and full of knowledge. I learned a new technique that will make me better at servicing my clients. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

Chavon Hamilton, Illinois, May 2015, Brow Perfect

I enjoyed the Hi Brow and Brow Perfect class very much. Lynn is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from her. My favorite part of the class was being able to work on live models. I plan to return in a few months to take the lash extension class.

Nancy Lares, California , May 2015, Hi Brow & Brow Perfect

I had a High Brow and Brow Perfect extensions today. It was a wonderful knowledgeable professional training! Thank you

Kathia Speicher, Illinois, April 2015, Hi Brow & Brow Perfect

This workshop was fantastic! It was worth every penny. I can’t wait to offer this service to my clients. I am coming back for the Volume Lash class.

Courtney Summers, Oklahoma, April 2015, Hi Brow & Brow Perfect

I simply think it’s the Best training ever! A great experience and I recommend it to every professional who wants to grow their business.

Livia Azavedo, Bermuda, April 2015, Brow Perfect

Occhi’ Institute is the only place to go for Brow Extension training! Tommy & Lynn are so helpful & accommodating. Lynn is an excellent instructor & they make sure you leave knowing what to do on your own. They make themselves available for alumni questions, too.

Courtney Scarano, Indiana, March 2015, Brow Perfect

I love the small group setting. I felt like the instructor was able to look at my work vs. being preoccupied by a large class. Thanks Lynn, for being so knowledgeable and attentive.

Courtney Allen, Illinois, March, 2015, Advanced Lash & Brow Perfect

I’m leaving truly excited about my Brow Perfect training. I am ready to be successful at this process. Lynn, my educator was Awesome!!!

Tamika Dawson, New York, November 2014, Brow Perfect