Occhi Creates New Anti-Aging Treatments

Occhi released new treatments for the eyes and face, titled Occhi Eye La ‘Carte Eye and Face Treatments. These treatments were designed by Lynn LaPalermo, a 30 year veteran in the esthetics world, using the latest European technology and most advanced natural botanical anti-aging treatment products from BABOR of Germany.

Treatments include the use of micronee­dling, oxygen infusion, ultrasonic exfoliation and ultrasonic penetration and lifting, and last about 30 to 40 minutes. The treatments were made to be packed with vitamins and nutrients for firming masks that boost, regenerate, hydrate, nourish and feed aging skin.

Examples include: the Eye-Luminating Treatment, designed to reduce pufiness, increase circulation and brighten dark circles; Lip-Tini, designed to remove dead skin on and around the lip while increasing collagen production; The Re-A-Firming, a facial that incorporates ultrasonic activity, micronee­dling, hyaluronic acid, collagen and lifting fluids and a firming mask to firm and tighten skin; and the Re-Invigorator, which combines ultrasonic exoliation, microneedling and nutrients to get blood and oxygen flowing for glowing skin.


We all have a fear and worry at various times about aging – not so much just looking old – but looking different. Watching certain components of our looks becoming unrecognizable and others disappearing, like hair, lashes, brows and others appearing like jowls and fine lines.  All of which can alter our comfort level, self-esteem and identity.

Our Skin and Hair define so much of who we are, how we feel and what we know about ourselves. The reflection in the mirror can either comfort or cause anguish. So truly, who is the person looking back at you in the mirror? Is it changing your opinion of yourself in a negative way?

Every decade has a different viewpoint about what are the pros and cons of aging. We are constantly evolving. The truth is most women are healthier in there 50’s now than 15 years ago. Many women look even better today than they did 10 years ago.

With that in mind, American Women have found many ways to slow down  the aging process, lasers, peels, deep exfoliation skin treatments, injectibles, lifts, tucks…. the list goes on.

All of those processes have an outcome that often times leaves the skin frail, dry, weak and unstable even if it does diminishes wrinkles.

So – FIND POWER IN AGING – with Occhi Power Packed Eye La’Carte Eye and Face treatments. 30 – 40 minute treatments packed with vitamins, nutrients, micro needling, oxygen infusions, ultrasonic exfoliation and penetration, lifting and firming masks to boost, regenerate, hydrate, nourish and feed that beautiful skin as it ages gracefully.

The message is loud and clear – THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. Boost what you are already doing and take your skin to the next level – create that dewy, soft, supple and glowing skin at any age!!!

Look to see the love in your eyes, the beauty in your smile and the glow to your skin and there you shall find peace and joy within yourself.

EYE LA’ CARTE services were designed using the latest European technology and most advanced natural botanical anti – aging treatment products
from one of the world’s leading skin care company’s, BABOR of Germany,  producing the best possible results.

Treatments may include the use of:

  • Micro Needling
  • Oxygen Infusion
  • Ultrasonic Exfoliation
  • Ultrasonic Penetration and Lifting

The equipment used provides the very best opportunity for removing dead tissue, stimulating collagen production, improving blood and oxygen flow, firming, lifting and tightening skin.

When combined with concentrated treatment products packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Hylauronic Acid, Collagen, and Peptides, the results are remarkable!

Experience an Eye La’ Carte POWER PACKED TREATMENT today!!


EYE A-FIRMING TREATMENT-24K Gold helps deliver essential rejuvenating nutrients in the mask deep into skin around eye area and upper lid. These include Vitamins, Marine Collagen, Growth Modulating Peptide, Human Epidermal Growth Factor and Argireline (Botox alternative). This treatment fills in deep lines, hydrates and plumps the skin with youthful radiance and reduces the appearance of sagging, crow’s feet, edema and wrinkles.

30 min   $65.00

EYE-LUMINATING TREATMENT– This Eye Treatment is designed to reduce puffiness and swelling while increasing circulation to alleviate and brighten dark circles. A unique efficient penetration system with controlled release and a strong surface tension allows penetration of nutrients deep into the tender skin around the eyes. This increases cellular moisture storage capacity, repairs fibrous tissue, and enhances elasticity.

30 min   $65.00


LIP-TINI-Remove the build up of dead tissue that develops around and on the lip area and gently breakdown the skin to allow for collagen stimulation, better penetration of supplemental products, plump and hydrate tissue that struggles with retaining moisture. This treatment leaves the lips supple, plumped and can over time dramatically affect the fine lines on the vermillion border.

25 min   $40.00


THE ESSENTIAL-This Facial treatment is designed to hydrate, nourish, supplement and balance any skin type. Very gentle Ultrasonic Exfoliation then Power Paced Freeze Dried Collagen infused into the skin and finished with a delightful mask of choice—from Repairing, Firming, Placenta, Collagen, Rose, Lavender or Gold. The ability to choose from 9 types of masks and various ampoules allows for any skin type to benefit from this treatment. Hydrates and nourishes dry or mature skin, detoxifies oily, combination skin and calms acne, rosaceous or hormonally challenged skin.

50 min   $95.00

THE RE-A-FIRMING-Firm and Tighten skin that has been affected due to age, environment, illness or stress. This treatment utilizes Ultrasonic activity, Micro Needling, Hylauronic acid, Collagen and lifting fluids followed by a firming mask to increase the elasticity of the skin tissue. Helps rebuild skin with Power Packed nutrients leaving the skin healthy and radiant. Can be done in a series, (avoid make up for 12 hours).

50 min   $125.00

THE RE-JUVENATOR-This treatment has similar effects of Juvederm, without the injections. Combining Hylauronic Filling Spheres that penetrate the skin’s folds and traps water 1000 its weight in the surface layers of the skin and Ultrasonic devices to exfoliate and penetrate, this powerful Bio-Matrix wrinkle filler targets fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face—forehead, brow furoughs, crows feet, lip wrinkles and laugh lines. Micro Needling is also done to insure the collagen regeneration and stimulation for longer results.   This treatment’s results are two-fold – internally stimulating collagen production thus plumping the skin as well as affecting a strong difference in the surface and texture of the skin externally.  ( avoid make up for 12 hours)

50 min   $145.00

THE RE-INVIGORATOR-This exhilarating procedure is all about getting your skin active and moving! Stimulate through Ultrasonic exfoliation, Micro Needling  penetration and Lifting of power packed nutrients. The Needling will stimulate the production of Collagen and the use of oxygen infusion and hot or cold will stimulate blood flow and oxygen flow leaving the skin glowing.  Great treatment before a big occasion.

50 min   $125.00

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